I only have great things to say about Helga. When Helga entered the picture, my manuscript went from ‘promising’ to a published and critically acclaimed book.
Ed Driscoll, award-winning comedian and author

Why hire an editor?

Publishing has never been more competitive, yet there have never been more opportunities for writers to publish their work. As fewer traditional publishers pick up ever fewer writers, more and more writers opt to self-publish. Because one thing is still true: a good book will find its readers. No matter whether you are hoping to find an agent and a publisher or are planning to publish yourself, you will need a good book to be successful. And that's why you hire an editor; because an editor can help you write the best manuscript you possibly can. 

Unlock the potential of your manuscript

I offer a full range of editorial services. You can combine services, or blend them, depending on your current needs. It is always my pleasure and my goal to do what’s best for any given manuscript. I’ll tell you what works, what doesn't, what needs to be improved, changed, added, cut or shortened, and why. And we will discuss ways to incorporate my editorial suggestions into the original vision of your work. 

An Evaluation provides editorial guidance.
If you’re writing fiction, we’ll discuss elements such as plot, character development, narrative and dialogue, continuity, structure, pacing and overall impression. If you’re writing non-fiction, we’ll discuss structure, pacing, argument, thesis, style and approach to make sure that your message comes across to the audience you’ve intended. Read more

Line-by-line Editing is a detailed and in-depth look at your work. 
I will go through your manuscript armed with the proverbial  red pen, making comments and remarks directly on the  manuscript pages. I will suggest cuts, additions, and changes on a line-by-line basis. Read more.

Copyediting polishes your manuscript.
I will focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and more technical issues such as formatting. I will make sure that your manuscript contains no more mistakes or inconsistencies… that ‘Allan’ is always ‘Allan,’ and not sometimes ‘Allen’ or even ‘Ellen.’ Read more.

As your editor and mentor I will help you realize your writing project. Together we will toss around ideas for stories, develop characters, and discuss subject matter, organization, structure, theme, purpose,  style, and anything else that needs to be talked about to help you write the best book you possibly can.  I’ll assist you from the very beginning to the very end. And of course, I’ll read, evaluate, edit and, if necessary and so desired, rewrite your manuscript chapter-by-chapter, page-by-page, sentence-by-sentence.