with pen and paper = mit Stift und Papier

Translating is more than just knowing the right translation of a word in a different language. It is that too, but given that one English word may have several equivalents in German and vice versa, translating also means choosing the right word for the context and style of your project, and for the cultural sensitivity of your intended audience. 

I provide translations from English to German and from German to English. We will discuss the specific needs of your project and establish a style sheet to make sure the translation strikes the right tone. If appropriate or necessary and so desired, we will also discuss how to localize your project.

As a result, my translations read like an original. They are idiomatically accurate and up to date, matching the style of the original, while transferring the cultural context from one language to the other. 

I translate fiction and non-fiction, feature films, company websites and histories. 

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I never believed that someone could translate my writing in a way that nobody would notice that it is a translation. Helga made me a believer. Rhythm, style, expression - everything sounds like a well-written original.
Joachim Masannek, award-winning novelist and director